How to recognize heat stroke in your cat

How to recognize heat stroke in your cat

The Heat

We are two months into Summer and as we transition from the dog days of August to September we need to keep our kitty friends in mind. Like humans, cats really don’t like the extreme heat. Unlike humans, cats can only rid themselves of heat by panting or sweating through their paw pads. 

Is the heat causing distress?

  • drooling
  • restlessness
  • panting
  • sweat paw pads

If your cat or kitty is displaying these signs, it’s possible they may be adversely being effected by the heat. If you see any of these signs it’s important to investigate further. You may want to restrict your furry friend to a cool area in the house. Maybe try the basement usually the basement is cool. Use your judgement. 

How recognize heat exhaustion or heat stroke

If during the course of taking a closer look at your kitty you notice any of the following:

  • rectal temp. over 105° F
  • lethargic
  • can’t maintain balance when walking
  • rapid breathing
  • rapid pulse
  • vomiting

If your kitty’s temp. continues to rise they will eventually start to have seizures and fall into coma. 

What to do

The signs above mean that your kitty is may need some assistance to cool down. You can do this be getting the cat to a cool place with AC or in front of a fan. The next step would be to gently soak the kitty with cool water (it’s important that this water is cool and not cold). Give the cat as much water as they want to drink. 

In the case that the symptoms decrease continue until your kitty is his/her normal self. Assuming that the symptoms don’t improve get your kitty to a vet as quickly as possible while continuing to soak with cool water and keep in cool environment. 

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